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New Music on its Way!

2015-07-15 22:12:39 by jproducer210

Ive been out of this site for awhile getting my studio and production up to par once again after a bit of a shut down. But no worries I can assure Im on here once again. Ready to share what I do best music. Still experimental individal but always electronic in every form. Much more music on it's way. Mad respect to the people who have enjoyed the materials listed.  Keep check back for updateds in Music and Art. Respect J.Signature Music. 



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2015-07-16 03:30:16

o hell yes experimental, i can get down with that. also I totally feel ya, for awhile there it looked like I wasn't gonna be making music for awhile what with school and moving around, but I managed to figure out a way and settle down for me to do what i want :) how long has it been since you been on the site?

jproducer210 responds:

Mr. Saucybird,

Ya it's been like 5 years I believe. Just really getting into the business side of music. Copyrights, branding and publishing. Finally getting a place to call home and for along time not realizing how its important to have an official site. Building up my studio and just working non stop. I hope to have more stuff share now. So like always keep in touch. You can also find me on

Thanks again, J.